New Countermeasures for Packaging Industry under the Concept of Scientific Development (4)

3.3 Adopt green GDP statistics as soon as possible to strengthen the awareness of resource and environment of packaging companies. The gross domestic product (CDP) reflects the total economic output of a country and can be used to indicate the economic strength of the country. However, it does not reflect the price paid for economic growth in terms of resource consumption and environmental pollution. For example, China’s total economy in the world economy in 2003 The volume contribution is 4%, but the consumption of coal, iron, steel, and cement accounts for one-third of the global total, and the production of the same amount of products brings much greater environmental pollution than industrial developed countries. Therefore, in our country's emphasis on resource conservation and environmental protection today, the use of GDP statistics must be revised. This leads to the concept of green GDP. Green GDP is GDP after deducting the cost of resource consumption and environmental pollution, so that it can better reflect economic growth. In order to achieve this, after the central government put forward the concept of scientific development, the State Environmental Protection Administration and the National Bureau of Statistics have jointly established the framework of China's green GDP accounting system, the Framework of China's Resource and Environmental Economic Accounting System, and the Environmental Green National Economic Accounting System. The “System Framework” will be piloted in each of the six regions this year. The implementation of green GDP accounting can constrain government and enterprises. The destruction of the environment and the waste of resources are conducive to improving the ability of the entire society to “green protect.” Because industrial developed countries have strong environmental awareness and advanced technology and equipment, only the use of green GDP statistics can be integrated with international statistical calibers.

Packaging companies should adopt a positive attitude towards green GDP statistics, so as to increase the awareness of resources and environment of enterprises and employees, better protect the environment, save resources, and produce green products that are welcomed by the society.
3.4 Efforts to develop products with independent intellectual property rights

China's packaging industry, especially the basic packaging industry, is still mainly introducing technology or imitating production. This is not enough to build a “powerful country for packaging.” We must strengthen the cultivation of innovation capabilities, strive to promote technological innovation, and produce independent intellectual property rights. Packaging products, packaging materials and packaging machinery. To do this we must do a good job in three areas. One is talent, the other is investment, and the third is strategy.

Talents must be cultivated. Cultivation of talents must focus on ability training, that is, the training of learning ability, coordination ability, innovation awareness and ability, and professional skills. At the same time, an environment or culture must be created. German companies attach great importance to corporate culture and respect talents. With high quality and reputation, it has formed an excellent fashion, which has enabled German products to enjoy a high reputation in the world.

Investment is one of the important conditions for innovation. The successful experience of industrial powers shows that investment in R&D for research and development accounts for 1% of sales, and companies are difficult to survive, while 2% can barely maintain, and 5% can be competitive. The average level of many packaging machinery companies in China is less than 1%, so the products produced cannot be innovative and competitive.

In addition to introducing innovation strategies, imitating and breaking innovation strategies, the innovation strategy is more important than integrated innovation strategy. The so-called integrated innovation means that under the drive of market demand, people will creatively integrate new knowledge and technologies that they have acquired, and create new products, new processes and new technologies in a system-integrated manner to meet the evolving needs. . Integrated innovation is a kind of innovative method with low risk, low cost, short cycle and great commercial value, which can become a breakthrough point for achieving technological leapfrogging. Carrier rockets, Boeing 747 aircraft, home appliances, and processing centers are mostly products of integrated innovation.

In order to realize the technological innovation of packaging products, packaging materials, and packaging machinery in particular, China should learn from and attach importance to integrated innovation as a good idea and innovation strategy. It should be promoted to theory and warfare and strive to keep up with the development of the world packaging machinery. On the basis of the trend and grasping the basis of technology, some existing new technologies, such as microwave technology, heat pipe technology of aerospace industry, magnetic technology, microelectronics control technology, photoelectric and chemical sensing technology, laser cutting technology, and new Material technology and biotechnology have been introduced into packaging machinery, and new products with high technological content, good performance and advanced technology have been continuously developed.

(author / Dai Hongmin Dai Peihua)

Packaging Engineering-No. 3, 2005

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