Sandvik Shows Super-Mirror Polished Steel Strip

Sandvik, which is known for its strip technology, demonstrated its use for ultra-reflective polishing of strips for film casting technology. Polished steel strips have long been widely used in the field of films and their applications are known as film casting. With the rapid development of the liquid crystal display, digital camera and mobile phone market, the market demand for high-tech films has increased rapidly. For example, the film used in the electronic product field mainly consists of polyimine (PI) and polycarbonate (PC). , Polypropylene (PP) or other high-tech plastic material. In order to meet the special requirements of customers, Sandvik's single strips (without welds) can be up to 2000mm in width and up to 2mm in thickness. The longitudinally welded strip can be up to 3000 mm wide. The strip can be welded in a ring or left open at the two ends. The company also has special tools and experience to ensure high quality and reliable on-site installation.

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