Cultural Interpretation of the World Famous Logo Design (4)

AT&T Telephone Company AT(T)

Many of the world's logo designers like to use the Earth's patterns to express the image of the world. AT (T's logo is an example of using the earth image to design a descriptive logo. Its main image element is an earth, but it is not drawn into a gloomy sphere, but is deliberately added with a circle of lines indicating that the earth is being The electronic communication line surrounds, technically speaking, the ingenious high light (the northwest part of the pattern earth) and the shadow match up the visual effect, and if it is made into a three-dimensional sphere, the effect is more prominent, and this logo can also give a strong impression. The psychological hormone, a sense of ease and tranquility.

Furniture shop IKEA

If the reader knows that the company's founder's name is IngvarKamprad, it is roughly guessed that IKEA has the same meaning as I and K. But why is it followed by E and A? Originally, these two letters represent the first letter of the town of the birthplace of the Swedish monk, located in the south of Sweden. Mr. Ingvar Kamprad founded the world's largest furniture company, and he never forgets his hometown. He simply puts the name of his hometown, which is soiled with mud.

United States Columbia Broadcasting Corporation (CBS)

The "eye logo" of the CBS television news channel is a sign of using concise to create a deep logo. This "eye" has been established for half a century. Its design idea is very simple: TV is a must-see, but anyone can't take a look at the world's general trend; TV news channel is specifically to have long eyes to replace or help the audience to "see"! "Eyes logo" has different faces in different periods, but it never changes.

American "Children, Youth and Family Crossover Study Group"

Sometimes pure letters can also express a rich culture. American Texas A (M University has “Children, Youth and Family Cross Study Group”). In the agency's logo design, the letter “C” on the left represents Children, and their task is to grow well and go up every day. Growing up into youth, the letter “C” is connected to the “Y” (Youth Youth), which means that the life is nearing adulthood, and the designer uses a cheering human form to express the active stage of life. The letter “F” of course Representing a family, it is interesting to note that this "F" is like "Y" and at the same time "C", indicating that the family supports and nurtures the growth of children and youth.

Source of information: Wen Wei Po

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