Unilever uses PET materials for condiment packaging

After the beer company uses PET bottles for beer packaging, PET bottles are no longer "exclusive" packaging for beverage products. Unilever (China) Co., Ltd. successfully used PET bottles for the packaging of its “Knorr” soy sauce products. The unique packaging format made it win more favor than similar products and penetrated the PET bottle packaging into the flavor. Product production areas.

As the preferred material for many food and beverage manufacturers, the advantages of PET sheet are self-evident: Good transparency can better display product quality; Lightweight materials, PET bottles of equal capacity will be heavier than glass products A lot less; better protection of the product, barrier-treated PET bottles have good sunlight, moisture and oxygen barrier capabilities, to meet the needs of flavoring products on the performance of packaging materials. At the same time, PET bottles can also better protect the product from damage during logistics and sales.

Reprinted from: China Packaging Industry

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