Equipment Scheme of Mechanical Basic Teaching Experiment Center

Scheme of experimental equipment for mechanical basic teaching experiment center
1. Guide Cognition
1. Mechanical drawing showcase
2. JYG-I mechanical principle showcase
3. JLG-I mechanical parts display cabinet
4. JCG-I mechanical innovation showcase
The above showcases, from the cognition of mechanical graphics, mechanism movement and comprehensive cognition to cognition of mechanical parts design, cognition of machinery (parts) manufacturing, and finally guide students' cognition of mechanical innovation. Stimulate students' interest in learning and innovation.
2. Basic experiment
1. 5 sets of mechanical drawing surveying and mapping models (64 pieces / set) are available for 10 shifts at the same time
2. The experiment of sketch map of mechanism
a. JC-F (J, H) mechanism movement diagram mapping and analysis experiment model (30 pieces / set) 1 set
b. 1 set of JC-D new D-type mechanism movement sketch mapping model (50 pieces / set)
3. Gear fan experiment: 40 CFY gear fan instruments
4. Dynamic balance experiment: PH-I type dynamic balance experiment table
5. 6 sets of CLY-I turning tool protractor
6. Surveying and mapping experiment of reduction gearbox: all aluminum reducer model
7. The above basic experiments mainly allow students to master the basic skills of mechanical design and processing measurement through the geometrical mapping to the mechanism motion sketch mapping, the measurement of part size and row tolerance, and the complex gearbox mapping.
3. Promotional experiments (comprehensive, design, research innovation)
1. Three sets of HKZB-II mechanism combination innovation test bench (4 sets / set)
2. JST-A mechanical system speed analysis and fluctuation adjustment test bench 5 sets
3. PCC-II plane mechanism creative combination and parameter visual analysis experiment table 5 sets
4. JYCS-III mechanical system performance research and parameter visual analysis experimental bench 5
It can be used for the experiment of transmission components such as belt transmission, chain transmission, sliding bearing, bolt group connection, dynamic bolt and so on.
5. PYS-I type mechanical system integration and parameter visualization test bench 5 sets
6. Disassembly and assembly experiment of reduction box: ZSJ-1-8 large-scale disassembly and assembly reducer (8 sets / set) 2 sets
Let students master the methods and means of mechanical innovation design and performance analysis through comprehensive, design and research innovation experiments, and cultivate students' engineering practice ability and innovation design ability.

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