Five tips and tricks for buying a radiation detector

Four tips for buying a radiation detector
the first. Cognition of radiation detector product types
Radiation instruments:
1 American Triathler liquid scintillation counter (inquiry)
2 US AR-2000 thin layer radioactive scanner 320,000 yuan
3 US BIOSCAN company Mini-Scan TLC thin layer radioactive scanner 250,000 yuan
4 US Flow-Count TM For HPLC Radioactive Detector (Inquiry)
5 PM1208 electronic wrist watch type gamma personal dosimeter (inquiry)
6 FJ-2000 personal dosimeter is an intelligent pocket instrument (inquiry)
7 FJ-3200 personal dosimeter is an intelligent pocket instrument (inquiry)
8 DMC2000S Xγ personal dose alarm
9 RH800 Personal Dosimeter
10 GAMMA-SCOUT-15 multi-function digital nuclear radiometer
11 Inspector EXP Handheld α, β, γ and X Multi-function Contamination Meter (Inquiry)
12Inspector multi-function ray detector (inquiry)
13 SD660N fixed χ, γ radiation alarm (inquiry)
14 Finland RDS-110 Multi-purpose Radiation Measuring Instrument (Inquiry)
15U.S. TM electromagnetic wave radiometer (inquiry)
16 NEWSCAN handheld radioactive radiation and metal detector (inquiry)
17 PRM-470CG γ line detector (inquiry)
28 PRM-470CN Neutron Line Detector (Inquiry)
19 PRM-470CGN γ, Neutron Line Detector (Inquiry)
20 Domestic DM-5200 intelligent χ-γ radiometer (inquiry)
21 High-voltage ionizing radiation measuring instrument (inquiry)
22 E Series Electromagnetic Field Strength Analyzer
second. Choose the price standard that suits you, this provides a quotation for reference
Quotation of radiation detector, gas detector, radiation detector (for details, please visit: http: // or call us)
Beijing Tianzheng Renhe Technology Development Co., Ltd. gas detection instruments, radiation detection instruments, water detection instruments are the three core areas of Tianzheng Technology.
third. Choose the right product according to the scope and occasion of your test
American TRIFIELD electromagnetic and microwave radiation measuring instrument
1. Can measure electromagnetic field, microwave, DC electromagnetic field
2. Can measure permanent magnetic field, electromagnetic field, geomagnetic field
3. Electromagnetic / microwave alarm (very sensitive)
4. Can measure broadband electromagnetic field, microwave, DC electromagnetic field
5. Static charge voltmeter (20000V)
6. Environmental electromagnetic field strength tester (weak electrostatic magnetic field)
7. Electromagnetic and microwave radiation and microwave leak detection
8. Computer room, power plant and electricity environment, etc.
Inspector multi-function ray detector
Applicable places of multi-function radiograph 100:
● Monitor human radioactive exposure ● Monitor the perimeter of a region ’s border ● Detect radioactive leaks and pollution ● Ensure adjustment ● Monitor changes in radiation at unobtrusive locations ● Principles of nuclear physics demonstration ● Find radioactivity on Earth substance
RH800 Personal Dosimeter
The RH800 personal dosimeter is an intelligent instrument made with a new single-chip technology. It is used to monitor the dose equivalent rate and dose equivalent of X-rays and γ-rays irradiating the human body. The main technical indicators of the instrument conform to national and international standards, and are widely used in irradiation stations, customs, industrial nondestructive testing, nuclear power plants, nuclear submarines, isotope applications, and medical cobalt treatment.
fourth. It is better to choose imported products than domestic ones. Here are some brands of radiation detectors for reference.
Inspector GAMMA
The RH800 personal dosimeter is the latest product that has just been launched. You can see if the testing environment is in compliance.

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