Mechanism of cytomegalovirus evading the immune system

Viruses have many tricks to evade the immune system. In the Journal of Cell Biology on September 7, 2009, Stagg et al. Revealed key details of one of these viral tricks. The virus recognizes a protein that allows cytomegalovirus to turn off the body's defenses.

Cytomegalovirus can avoid the surveillance of the immune system by targeting the MHC I protein. When the body is infected, MHC I will capture a small amount of viral protein and present it to virin T cells, thereby killing the cells and stopping the infection. However, the two cytomegalovirus genes will trick the cell to pan-hormone MHC I and destroy it in the proteasome. In order to cause pan-hormonalization of MHC I, the gene will select a protein called E3 ligase. The researchers explained that at present, the identity of this protein is not very clear.

Using RNA interference technology, Stagg screened 373 candidates and found that a ligase called TRC8 protects MHC I. TRC8 mutants can truncate pan-hormonalization and restore MHC I function.

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