Shandong Qilu developed a high-precision liquid quantitative filling machine

Recently, Shandong Qingzhou Qilu Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a new type of high-precision filling machine.

According to reports, this new type of filling machine has made great improvements in the previous models, and has improved the range of filling volume, the performance of bottle holders, and the replacement of bottles. The filling volume has been adjusted automatically and can be continuously adjusted between 150-800 ml. It is suitable for the quantitative filling of white wine, rice wine and wine.

It is also understood that the new high-precision filling machine is based on the characteristics of the current bottle type in the domestic wine market and the high accuracy of the measurement requirements. It has been developed and improved from previous models. The machine can be accurately quantified to only 1 ml per 500 ml error, the savings effect is very obvious.

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