Corrugated box anti-pressure resistance formula application case analysis two

Calculation formula for the compressive strength of corrugated carton box type 0201

Corrugated cartons are made from various layers of corrugated paper. The compression formula of corrugated cartons is based on the physical properties of cardboard paper to calculate the compressive strength of corrugated cartons to see if they meet the requirements. It is also possible to select a certain amount of corrugated cardboard base paper according to the predetermined corrugated box compressive strength requirements.

The existing compressive strength calculation formulas are many, but most of them are based on foreign countries, and they are difficult to understand and remember. It is difficult to grasp the existing corrugated cardboard box designers in China. Among companies, due to the difficulty of the design of compression, the price design is often decoupled from the design of the compressive strength of the carton, which may easily lead to waste of raw materials or insufficient quality of the pressure. The resistance formula in the design and production of the convergence, to avoid blindness in the design, increase the production of the compressive strength of the carton at the beginning of the predictability.

Corrugated cartons are made of corrugated paper of various layers. The anti-cotton formula calculates the compressive strength of the cartons based on the physical properties of the cardboard base paper to see whether it can meet the requirements; it can also choose certain according to the compressive strength requirements of the predetermined corrugated cardboard boxes. Corrugated paper base paper.


P—the compressive strength of the corrugated box (units N)

Px-corrugated paper base paper transverse composite ring crush strength (units N/cm).

Among them, the calculation formula for the integrated ring pressure strength of the three-layer corrugated paperboard paper is:

h=(R1 R2 RmC)/15.2

The formula for calculating the composite ring pressure strength of the five-layer corrugated paper base paper is:


Rn paper lateral compressive strength test value (N/0.152m)
Rmn paper lateral pressure strength test value (N/0.152m)
C. The corrugation shrinkage ratio, which is the ratio of the length of the corrugating medium to the length of the paper.

(Ca=1.532, Cb=1.477, Cc=1.361)

The effective value of K-comprehensive ring pressure in the compressive strength of the empty carton box is calculated as:

K three a = 30.3 ten 0.275Z-0, 0005Z2
K three c=27.9 ten 0.265Z-0.0005Z2
K three b = 24.6 ten 0.235Z - 0.0005Z2
K five aa=41.7 ten 0.355Z-0.0005Z2
K five bb=33.2 ten 0.305Z one 0.0005Z2
K five cc=38.1 ten 0.345Z—0.0005Z2
K five ab=38.2 ten 0.335Z—0.0005Z2
K five ac=40.2 ten 0.355Z—0.0005Z2
K five bc=35.7 ten 0.325Z-0.0005Z2

Three A three-layer A box, three-layer box perimeter value range: 70-200em

Five AC five-layer AC box, five-layer box perimeter value range: 70-300cm

In the production process, each company will only be involved in part of the production process, so it is only necessary to select the corresponding anti-Kai formula according to the company's model. According to the ring pressure of the stencil type and the base paper, the composite ring pressure is calculated. Then the formula for calculating the K value corresponding to the perimeter of the carton and the sash type is used. The product of the integrated ring pressure and the K value is the compressive strength of the carton. We can also choose the right cardboard base paper according to the compressive strength and perimeter of the predetermined carton, and can also use the calculated compressive strength to guide the production process.

Example 1 : A three-layer C-paper box with a circumference of 125cm, a top-level paperboard with a Class A boxboard of 25Og/m2, and a paperboard with a person-level high-strength paperboard of 170g/m2 were used to calculate the compressive strength that the box can achieve.

Solution: The shrinkage rate of C楞=1.477, the national standard of inspection, the ring pressure index of the paper inside the tissue paper is 10.6, and the ring pressure index of the paper is
9.2. Z=125.

R1=R2=250X 10.6 X0.152=403NR3=170X9.2X0.152: 238N generation formula is:
(R1+R2+R3XC)/15.2X (27.9 to 0.265Z to 0.0005Z2)
= (403, 403+238X, 1.477)/1,5.2X (27.9+0.265x125-0.0005X125 2)

This corrugated box can achieve a compressive strength of 4043N.

(to be continued)

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