Type and use of micro pipette head

Type and use of micro pipette head

Micropipette heads are used in conjunction with micropipettes and are one of the main consumables in the laboratory. Due to the simple manufacturing process, there are many manufacturers, generally divided into three types: 200 ~ 1000gl (blue), 20-200bd (yellow), l ~ 20ral (five colors). Based on the basic shape, the micro pipette heads are divided into different types according to different experimental needs:
â‘  An aerosol filter membrane is added in the cavity at the end where the tip is connected to the pipette, to prevent contamination caused by accidentally sucking the sample into the pipette body. Especially when handling samples containing radionuclides, it has a protective effect.
â‘¡The tip of the suction head is processed into a cone, which is very convenient to use when sucking a small amount of liquid droplets.
â‘¢Ultra-fine tip tips with a diameter of 0.3mm and 0.03mm are used to add samples to the sample pool of sequencing gel or polyacrylamide gel.
No matter what kind of tips, it is best to be unified between different experimenters in the same experiment, in case of measurement errors, it is easy to find out. In addition, in order to reduce the residual liquid remaining on the inner wall of the tip, it should be siliconized before use.

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