Proofer calibration and file processing in G7 (4)

Verify accuracy of neutral gray

Print a copy of the same high-quality sample and measure the P2P chart to ensure that the target value has been reached. Draw a new NPDC curve on the new chart value, or use IDEAlink software. Your measurement data should be able to visually completely cover the line before printing from 0% to 50%. If the maximum density value does not match the value on the chart before printing, it should still follow the same baseline, but it can be slightly higher or lower than the line before printing.

It is also necessary to measure the center color patch of the Grayfinder chart to check the gray balance. In theory, the best color patch should be in the center, or no more than one column away from the center. As long as the printer passes the above test, according to the G7 calibration target, the proof image should be close to the printed sample in neutral gray tones.

Verify gamut matching

The printer matches the characteristic standard chart on the color gamut, which is determined by how the color of the proofer simulates the ink of the offset press. The color gamut will be different because of the hue and saturation of the colorant, or the printer's overprinting of the printer's colorant is different from that of the printing press ink. Although a single color material will accurately reproduce the chromaticity value of the standard characteristic chart, the effect of two or more ink overprints will be very different from the actual printed sample. One method of detection is to compare the measured value of the IT8.7 / 4 table on the test sample with the standard characteristic value. You can use CHROMIX ColorThink, Grinda measurement tool, Alwan ColorPursuit.

A more intuitive test method is to create a printer file, then use PHOTOSHOP to owe it to a standard CMYK image, select the simulated paper color, and then convert between the printer file and the standard data file *. If there is no difference on the screen, it means that your printer does not need to do any color management.

* Note: It will be simpler in PHOTOSHOP CS. The changes will be more obvious in PHOTOSHOP CS2.

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