The micro-hard RS232 to PROFIBUS bus bridge scans the Schke CLV410 (standard) barcode to the PROFIBUS bus

In the logistics industry, barcode scanning is an indispensable on-site sensor, which quickly records and uploads information on-site objects through barcode scanning.

In the field of applying Siemens PLC, the PROFIBUS bus bridge of Beijing Microhard Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. solved the problem of barcode scanning access to the PROFIBUS bus for customers.
Take SICK's CLV410 (standard type) barcode scanner as an example. The scanner's standard communication interface has an RS232 interface. The on-site PLC system uses Siemens S7 400 series PLC. At this time, the microhardware company's PBRS232-K20 will be used. The RS232 of the SICK barcode is converted into a PROFIBUS bus, and the scanned data can be quickly uploaded to the PLC. The system diagram is as follows:

The micro-hard RS232 to PROFIBUS bus bridge scans the Schke CLV410 (standard) barcode to the PROFIBUS bus

The above is an example of the barcode scanning of the Schke company. At the scene, as long as the barcode scanning has an RS232 or RS485 interface, it can be connected through the PROFIBUS bus bridge of the micro-hardware company.

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