Product introduction New fully automatic constant stress cement bending and compression testing machine

New launch:

New full-automatic constant stress cement bending and compression testing machine

1. Meet the standard
This testing machine fully complies with the requirements of the national standard GB / T17671-1999 "Test Method for Compressive Strength of Cement Rubber Sand"
It is mainly used for the compressive and flexural strength test of cement.
2. Functions and features
1. The testing machine adopts double space, frame structure, the left side is the bending test part; the motor control and loading system are installed on the main
The lower part of the machine. The testing machine adopts Lenovo microcomputer, stepper motor and ball screw are loaded, and the testing process is stable and efficient.
2. The test machine independently completes the setting of test parameters, control of the test process, data collection, processing, and analysis during the test
And display. Both single-piece test and group test can be realized. External microcomputer for statistics and processing of test data
Management, and then output and print various required test curves and test reports, which can be stored and printed.
3. It has the limit protection function of the working position and the overload and overcurrent protection functions.
3. List of main technical specifications

Maximum test force (kN)
Test force measurement range and test accuracy
Compression: 12-300kN; bending resistance 1-10kN accuracy ± 1%
Adjustable range of test force speed
Can be set
Test execution standard
GB / T 17671-1999
Maximum test space
Compression: 250mm
Upper and lower plate size
Spherical pressure plate, size 150
experiment method
Can do single piece test, can complete six pieces of test in succession
Host size (length × width × height) mm
930 × 530 × 1500
Weight kg
Power kW
Compared with the old electro-hydraulic pressure testing machine, the testing machine has the following advantages
1. The measuring range of test force is wider, more accurate and more stable: because the electro-hydraulic servo control valve has zero cover during static control
Problem, plus the cylinder has sealing and friction problems, so the output (displacement and test force) is not linear near the zero position, and it is low
Fast and easy crawling, poor stability, high initial pressure, unable to achieve output control of small deformation and small test force (short-age samples
The load is very small and cannot be achieved with this control method);
2. Low noise during the test.
3. The control process is not affected by temperature and the performance is more stable.
4. No pollution caused by hydraulic oil running, running, dripping, and leakage. No servo valve is contaminated and stops working

5. High reliability for long-term use, maintenance-free (no tedious replacement of hydraulic oil).

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