Use and maintenance of ultra-thin knife slitting and crimping machine

1. Use and Maintenance

During use, first carefully check whether the fasteners are loose, whether the power supply valve is leaking, and whether the operation keys are sensitive, then add lubricating oil to the lubricated part, apply a suitable amount of high temperature resistant calcium base grease to the thin knife transmission gear, and then according to the production requirements Adjust the cutting line. It should be noted here that when adjusting the blade distance, the cutting blade must be lifted away from the blade slot before it can move. Do not link with the blade slot, otherwise it will easily cause the blade to deform or damage the blade. After the knife position is adjusted, the blade is slowly placed in the knife slot, the depth is preferably 3 ~ 5mm, the blade must be in the center of the knife slot, can not deviate, the two can not touch, otherwise the blade and the knife slot will rub against each other after the start of the thin blade Burned out. The adjustment of the paper guide roller should be on the same line as the indentation line, and the paper feed positioning baffle should be fastened and parallel to the side edge of the device, otherwise the cut cardboard is easy to deflect, causing extra wheel marks. After everything is in order, confirm that it is correct and then manually drive the wheel. If there is no abnormality, turn on the power and turn on.

In the production, depending on the quality of the blade, jog the knife every 200 to 50mm to keep the paper cut clean and beautiful. At the same time, pay attention to the paper edge and other foreign objects. Do not get caught in the blade transmission gear to avoid damage to the gears and bearings. After the production is completed, remove the paper dust and oil stains on the equipment in time to keep the machine clean.

After using the ultra-thin knife machine for a period of time, it is necessary to re-tighten the fastening screws, especially the screws that fix the blades, and check them frequently. Otherwise, the blades may be damaged or the flying knife may hurt people. The grinding wheel should also be adjusted in time to make it in close contact with the blade when grinding, and a new grinding wheel should be replaced when the thickness of the grinding wheel is less than 2mm. The blade outer diameter should be replaced when it is less than 225mm. The service life of the blades and grinding wheels depends on the quality, quantity of paper, and the quality of the paper. When you use it, you need to choose a high-quality brand and a reputable supplier to achieve cost savings and improve product quality.

Second, common failure analysis

1. Difficult to start or unable to start

① Insufficient voltage; ② The power supply is out of phase; ③ The circuit fuse is blown; ④ The motor is broken; ⑤ The fixed key of the driving wheel falls off; ⑥ The foreign material is stuck in the transmission gear; card.

2. Automatic shutdown.

â‘  Power off; â‘¡ Incorrect adjustment of frequency conversion current range; â‘¢ The drive wheel suddenly falls off; â‘£ Computer input is wrong.

3. Grinding wheel cannot be lifted freely.

â‘  Insufficient air pressure; â‘¡ The solenoid valve is damaged; â‘¢ The cylinder controlling the lifting of the grinding wheel is damaged, or the spring for traction recovery is loose; â‘£ The grinding wheel is too tightly attached to the blade, which is an improper adjustment of the grinding wheel.

4. Suddenly the machine noise increases and there is rhythmic vibration.

â‘ The fasteners are loose; â‘¡The transmission gear flies into the edge of the paper. [next]

3. Analysis of the causes of common corrugated cardboard slitting deviation

1. Slitting the tail of the cardboard.

â‘ Incorrect adjustment of the paper feed positioning baffle; â‘¡There is a period of bluntness of the slitting knife, which is different from the linear speed of other knives; â‘¢Incorrect adjustment of the paper guide wheel; â‘£Incorrect paper feed.

2. Cardboard flash

â‘ The separating knife is blunt and should be polished; â‘¡The blade and the knife slot overlap too shallow; â‘¢The paper edge and paper wool are caught in the knife slot, which should be thoroughly cleaned and then turned on; mm is appropriate.

3. The indentation line is broken

â‘ The base paper is inferior; â‘¡The line is too deep

4. The crimp is not straight?

â‘ The pressure line is too shallow, and the fold line is uneven, which affects the appearance of the box; â‘¡The paper feed is skew; â‘¢The upper and lower pressure rollers are not adjusted.

5. The cardboard cutout is not vertical.

â‘ The angle of the knife holder is not correct; â‘¡The blade is not in the center of the knife groove; â‘¢The blade is deviated.

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