The difference between fire broadcasting and public broadcasting

Public broadcasting and fire broadcasting are all indispensable supporting system equipment in modern intelligent buildings. However, many people will confuse these two. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, but I personally think that there are the following points to distinguish this misunderstanding:

1. The construction side is different: fire broadcasting is the construction of engineering contractors with fire protection qualifications, while public broadcasting is the construction of engineering contractors with relevant weak electricity qualifications;

2. Public broadcasting: Public broadcasting consists of three parts: background broadcasting, business broadcasting and emergency broadcasting, among which emergency broadcasting includes fire fighting broadcasting;

Third, the focus is also different: the focus of public broadcasting is to direct and clear the flow of people in an emergency, while the focus of fire broadcasting is to notify the fire and the residents and clear the flow of people;

Fourth, the wiring is different: the fire protection system adopts the module wiring method of the general route system, and the public broadcast mostly adopts the traditional two-wire system (more lines when there are multiple audio sources) or the three-wire system;

The connection between the two: public broadcasting is when and after a fire or emergency, and fire broadcasting is when a fire is happening. The two are interrelated and depend on each other. You have me, you have me, and both are in modern intelligent buildings. There is a role that cannot be ignored.

How to combine the two organically? This is a problem (the solution will be described later). The requirements for sound quality and timbre of fire broadcasting and background broadcasting are also different. Therefore, an intelligent building cannot rely on fire broadcasting to complete the function of background broadcasting. How can it be done? To solve the problem, we need to understand an important problem before solving the problem: whether the background horn and the fire horn are shared or separate (the common and separate solutions are also different). If the two speakers are shared ( It is recommended to use a background speaker. First, the sound quality is good. Second, the appearance is beautiful and there are many styles. Third, there are many types of power). Because the front-end speaker has only one two-core wire, it is necessary to solve the problem in front of the fire protection module, using three-wire wiring,

Through the fire protection conversion module, the general route signal of the fire protection is converted into a common signal of high and low levels and sent to our fire protection matrix to reach the switch of business broadcasting during fire protection. This solution can also use public broadcasting for emergency (unblocking) broadcasting Compared with service broadcasting and background broadcasting (the cost is different compared with the above scheme, but the reliability is strengthened).

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