China International Furniture Fair renews cooperation agreement

One of the world's largest furniture fairs, China International Furniture Fair (China Furniture Fair ) is co-sponsored by the China National Furniture Association and the Sino-foreign joint venture professional exhibition agency Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., April 10, 2012 In the afternoon, the two parties signed a cooperation agreement for the next ten years (2013-2022) to continue to co-host the China International Furniture Exhibition at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. The exhibition will enter the next decade of development.

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China International Furniture Fair has a history of 19 years since 1993. The exhibition has developed from a simple import and export trade platform to a trade platform combining domestic and foreign sales. B2B2C's e-commerce platform, original design display platform and exhibition store linkage in one of the world's furniture design and trade Shanghai feast. In 2012, with the expansion of the exhibition hall of the New International Expo Center, the 18th China International Furniture Fair will reach 750,000 square meters, with 3,000 exhibitors, and the exhibition time will be extended to 5 days, that is, September 11-15. The exhibition will be held simultaneously in the two places, including Shanghai New International Exhibition Center (civil furniture, office furniture, home accessories, cabinets, original design furniture, traditional Chinese furniture), Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall (original auxiliary materials and production equipment, designer works) ).

After 20 years of rapid development, China's furniture industry has become the world's furniture manufacturing center. According to the statistics of China Furniture Association, the industrial sales value of the furniture industry from January to December 2011 was 404.893 billion yuan, and the export value reached 37.94 billion US dollars. Despite the large scale of manufacturing, due to lack of originality, similar design and excessive imitation, Chinese furniture has low added value in the international market, and the furniture industry is standing at a turning point in history.


The China Furniture Association and Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. have always paid attention to the use of the exhibition platform to promote the original design of Chinese furniture. The “China Furniture Design Award” participated in the annual exhibition by participating companies for 14 years. At the same time, the exhibition is specially designed in the New International Expo Center, with original designer works and design furniture. In 2012, the design companies/brands that have been confirmed to participate in the exhibition include overseas famous design brands from Germany, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines, such as Kare Design of Germany and Accupunto, the Indonesian brand that has won the red dot award. Domestic exhibitors include well-known affluence. Meizhao, Dickson, AFC, Zhihuitang, how much, Novi Wei, Shanghai Haute Couture, and other luxury. In 2012, at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, a designer exhibition will be held in the same period. As one of the highlights of Shanghai Design Week launched last year, it will showcase original works by domestic and foreign designers and continue to promote Shanghai as the “design of the home industry”. All".

In addition to China International Furniture Fair, China Furniture Association and Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. will jointly host the National Furniture Fair, and will be hosted by Jisheng Weibang International Furniture Village in 2010. The exhibition will reach 400,000 square meters in 2012. The number of exhibitors reached 650.

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