Keep plastic bottles away from high temperatures

We all know that when plastic bottles are used in a high-temperature environment, they can easily release harmful substances and contaminate the packaged foods, thus endangering human health. Today we will take a look at the high temperature environment.

Many people like to place drinks or mineral water in the car. In summer, if the car is parked under direct sunlight for a long period of time, the temperature in the car will rise rapidly. Place the bottle in the car and it will be in a high temperature environment. This is an environment that is easy for the plastic bottle to produce harmful substances. In our home, many housewives will unconsciously place plastic condiment bottles and edible oil bottles on the side of gas cookers. This is a very bad habit. During the process of cooking rice and cooking vegetables, the high temperature generated by the gas will cause the condiment bottle and the edible oil bottle to be roasted on the edge at a high temperature, resulting in an increase in temperature and release of harmful substances. There is in the wild, some people drink mineral water bottles directly after the sun for convenience, if it is in the summer 30-40 degrees high temperature, this is also easy to cause the plastic bottle to release harmful substances in the environment.

Of course, in everyday life, there will be many environments that will cause plastic bottles to be exposed to high temperatures and release harmful substances. We can all talk about our own opinions.

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