Furniture identification is difficult for businesses to evade maintenance responsibility

The quality of the furniture during the warranty period, but the business or the weather, or the excuse is improper use of the consumer, and refused to bear the responsibility of free maintenance, causing consumer dissatisfaction. According to the statistics of the Jinan Consumer Council, 12 complaints about furniture maintenance have been received in March. According to analysis, many furniture manufacturers have drilled the difficulty of identifying furniture and evading maintenance responsibility.

The cabinet was cracked, but the manufacturer said that because of the dry weather in Jinan, Mr. Wang complained that he bought solid wood furniture in a furniture store before the Spring Festival. After going home, he found that there were obvious cracks in the bedside, and the bedside cabinets appeared one after another. The phenomenon of dry cracking. Mr. Wang found a sales merchant to request repairs.

At the beginning, the seller told Mr. Wang to make an appointment, but Mr. Wang made an appointment for more than 20 days and did not see the maintenance personnel. He was helpless to find the seller again. He was told that this is a product of a manufacturer in Northeast China. Can only be resolved. Until a few days ago, the factory maintenance personnel came to Mr. Wang’s home to “check” the quality of their products.

After some verification, the maintenance personnel gave the conclusion that the natural dry crack caused by the dry weather in Jinan is not covered by the free maintenance warranty. Moreover, it is also proved that the furniture is pure solid wood production. In this regard, Mr. Wang is very dissatisfied.

The door is loose, the merchant excuses are improper use by consumers.

Mr. Zhang complained that in March of this year, the cabinet door of his TV cabinet was loose. I wanted to find a manufacturer to carry out the warranty according to the contract at the time of purchase. I did not expect it to be rejected. At the time of purchase, when Mr. Zhang asked the salesperson for the quality guarantee, the direct sales personnel of the manufacturer repeatedly emphasized that the warranty period of the product was 1 year, and the manufacturer promised free maintenance during the warranty period.

However, when there is a problem with the furniture, the salesperson said that the looseness of the cabinet door is due to improper use, and the premise of free maintenance is that the problem is a product quality problem, and the damage caused by human damage or improper use is not within the scope. Later, the sales staff also said that the free warranty is only for the furniture sheet itself, does not include parts, refuses to repair free, and charges the door-to-door and parts.

The investigation found that furniture manufacturers find various reasons to shirk warranty responsibility

According to Jinan City, the coordination check found that although most consumers know that furniture can be guaranteed, the specific warranty and scope of furniture is not clear. After the product quality problems, even within the product warranty period, the merchant will consider the "disclaimer" to find out the reasons for refusing the free warranty, forcing consumers to pay for their own repairs.

In the investigation, it was also found that when most furniture is sold, the direct sales personnel of the manufacturer will not issue the product manual, nor will they express the warranty responsibility on the contract. Some furniture even have no formal invoice at the time of sale, only the receipt or the invoice. There is no salesperson who actively introduces the after-sales service items such as furniture warranty to consumers. When the consumer asks for it, the salesperson will use various reasons to evade.

Identification of difficult furniture warranty is difficult to honor important reasons

It is understood that there is no uniform warranty for furniture products in the country, generally based on the agreement between the enterprise and the consumer. The industry generally stipulates that the warranty period for furniture is 1 year, and some companies extend the period to 3 to 5 years.

Then, the quality of the furniture during the warranty period, in the end is the product itself is defective, or improper installation or use? According to analysis, identification is difficult to meet the important reasons for the furniture warranty. Because the furniture products are under warranty, if there is any problem with the quality of the products, they can be repaired or exchanged free of charge; if the furniture is cracked, warped or damaged due to improper use, the corresponding maintenance, materials and door-to-door fees are required. Need to be resolved by consumers themselves.

Secretary-General Feng Jingkai of the Jinan Municipal Consumer Council said that the current after-sales service system of the furniture industry in Jinan is not perfect, making it difficult for consumers to maintain their rights and interests. Therefore, remind consumers that they should have a sense of self-protection, and do not listen to the exaggerated propaganda of merchants, especially manufacturers. When signing a contract, the verbal commitment of the merchant should be implemented in the contract, and the relevant contracts, invoices, after-sales service documents, invoices, etc. should be preserved. Once disputes arise, the rights protection also has a basis.

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