Gymnastics champion Yang Wei will debut at Shanghai Exhibition

Following last year's Fan Bingbing, kitchen Wei Lu Yi at Shanghai Exhibition cause marketing sensation after the star, this year's Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show Stars still continue, reporters learned that international superstar Lee Hom will debut Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Show, promoting its hand in the only bathroom sanitary ware marketing the new model. In addition, the Olympic gymnastics all-around champion Yang Wei will also hold hands with Foshan Frank, and will be a special guest to attend its new product launch.

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A few days ago, Frank bathroom also revealed that the Olympic gold medal Yang Wei will attend the 17th Shanghai Exhibition to cheer for the Frank New Bathroom Launch Conference on May 24th at 10:20 am. The news came out immediately and attracted the attention of many people in the kitchen and bathroom industry.

Ding Wei, chairman of Frank Sanitary Ware, believes that Shanghai International Kitchen and Bath Show is the “wind vane” of the kitchen and bathroom industry and has considerable influence both at home and abroad. This time, Yang Wei was invited as a Frank brand guest to participate in the new product launch conference held at the exhibition, which proved the importance that Frank bathroom attached to this exhibition.

Yang Wei and Frank introduce new bathroom cabinets

Frank Brand's sales strategy and market layout in the domestic sanitary ware market have been enthusiastically concerned by the industry. In particular, the invitation to Yang Wei as a guest of the Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show, the development of Frank's bathroom is very eye-catching.

Who is more attractive to the "wei" and "power" contests?

Last year, the Shanghai kitchen and bathroom exhibition Fan Bingbing and Lu Yi both made their debut on the first day, making the kitchen and bathroom show the first day of highlights. Interestingly, this year's two stars will be on the morning of May 24 to help, is the only bathroom Wang Lihong more popular? Or Frankie's Yang Wei is more appealing? "Wei" "power" contest, Who wins and who is responsible, still waiting to be spotted.

Every year, there are many stars in the Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show. In 2012, in the case of the overall situation of the industry is not good, star marketing as a way to attract attention to the eye has been tried and tested, the topic caused by stars and brands has been a long-standing, this is also Many companies love the important factors of using stars.

This year's Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show will also be attended by some stars, and there will be some highlights. We will follow up and do instant reports.

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