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Over the past few days, as temperatures have gradually warmed up, most of the country has only entered the season of blooming flowers and flowers, and this has also allowed the outdoor outing trip this spring and the May Day holiday to be perfectly connected. People who have been busy for half a year have begun to make full efforts to plan the May Day route. Recently, the famous international outdoor sports brand, Austrian Nordland, set off a “whirlwind wind” in the country for the easy escort of white-collar workers, families and donkeys who are planning their May Day holiday.
Professional Outdoor Sports Brand Austria NORTHLAND
On April 16th, at the Qingdao McKay Shopping Mall, the recommendation of the spring brand new Qingdao of the NORTHLAND brand will be launched with a six-day exhibition sales promotion event to showcase the latest and most dazzling spring and summer products for the majority of consumers. High-tech, high-quality, professional and outdoor new products such as ultralight helmets and running shoes technology were introduced in detail. In Qingdao exhibitions and roadshows, the basic Descartes women's and Steiner's men's flaps, the two-layer detachable Nora women's flap jacket, the coffee jersey Jalou men's flaps, and the gradient models. Women's flappers and Vesta men's styles, laser breathable models such as Namas men and Sigi's women's flaps are on display. Specially-designed ultra-light experiences and product matching games allow consumers to experience first-hand. The flap series. The Purchasing Guide told reporters that Qingdao is a seaside city. NORTHLAND has launched a series of “flap-winged” outdoor casual jackets that are very stylish and light with a variety of color schemes and designs that are as thin as flaps. The lightest flap series is only 79 grams, easy to store, but also has sun protection, wind protection, rain protection function, very suitable for outdoor exercise, beach walks, leisure travel and other outdoor activities, it also caused many consumers to compete to experience and purchase .
NORTHLAND brand spring new product Qingdao will be launched
In recent years, outdoor sports and outdoor fitness have become more and more familiar and recognized by consumers. Being close to nature and enjoying outdoor travel comfort and freedom have become an upsurge. NORTHLAND brand new products in spring and summer this year to "light" pine deal with wind and rain, "light" loose enjoy the sun, "light" loose experience speed main "light" near the natural wind series, flap series as the NORTHLAND outdoor full range of products which is an important category, And is leading this trend sweeping the country.
Wings series is an important category in NORTHLAND outdoor line products
Since March, Austria Nordland has used 40 years of professional outdoor sports equipment design experience and technology to launch the new series of Nordland Spring and Summer products represented by ultralights and ultra light outdoor running shoes. It has been listed on more than 400 stores nationwide. It will also be launched across the country and will bring super-light, outdoor comfort and new experiences for the majority of consumers.
NORTHLAND spring and summer series

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Cream Foundation

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