Getting fatter office workers get rid of obesity, lose weight, home feng shui

Office workers are getting fatter and there is no way to solve them? Xiaobian tells you that the kitchen can also transform into a holy place to lose weight, yes! A healthy diet is essential for successful weight loss, and the kitchen is where it is closely related to your diet. Here are some recommended ways to lose weight at home , and success will be yours!

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Getting fatter office workers get rid of obesity, lose weight, home feng shui

1. Add some small packaged nuts to the kitchen.

Do you like snacks? But are you afraid of getting fat? Then choose nuts! Nuts are not only delicious, but also a healthy snack! Many mm mistakenly believe that nuts are the natural enemies of women's weight loss, but as long as you grasp the scale, nuts can also help to lose weight. It contains dietary fiber that is not inferior to coarse grain beans. It won't make you fat. Weight-lossers can safely eat nuts, because the study found that some nuts have a very good feeling of fullness. For example, the fiber content of almonds ranks first among the nuts, which can effectively suppress hunger and prolong satiety. Even walnuts with a low fiber content are good for weight control when they are eaten in moderation and do not increase total energy.

2, make the tableware smaller

This is a fact that when a larger serving of food is in front of you, you will eat more. Reduce your tableware by one as much as possible. For example, change a small bowl or change a small spoon. When cooking and putting oil, put it with a spoon. Don't take the oil pot directly into the pot. This will effectively control your oil discharge. The amount of people's appetite is related to tableware, and the use of small tableware can effectively reduce your food intake.

3. Turn the kitchen into blue

Studies have found that dim light is more likely to increase appetite. Therefore, it is recommended not to use dimming lights in the kitchen, and using bright fixtures to make you more restrained. When eating, change the light to blue, according to research, people who eat in the blue space eat 33% less than usual. You pay attention to the fast food restaurant will find that most of them are painted in red and yellow colors, no wonder you can always eat so much there.

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