Climb your cheeks in the early spring to create a spring beauty

In the early spring of the recovery of all things, the bright and colorful colors once again rendered our vision. Looking at the spring/summer 2012 fashion week, the models were like butterflies and colorful dances. Come and follow the models and let the spring all things turn into a bright color and climb your cheeks!

Warm cheek beauty

Warm cheek beauty × burning orange

Orange blush not only has the effect of a small face, but also brings a gentle temperament that is different.

A thick orange on the cheeks brings warmth and gently opens the curtain in early spring.

How to Make

How to Make

1. Brush the head up above the apple muscle

Gently apply the blush to the top of the apple muscle with the blush brush head up.

2. Horizontal sweep to the temple direction

Sweep laterally with a blush brush and spread the blush from the apple to the temple.

3. Gently press the cheeks with a sponge

Gently press the cheeks with a puff to make the blush more docile to the skin.

4. Push with both hands to make the color more uniform

Gently push open the area that has not been applied evenly to make the overall tone look more uniform.

Fantasy Smurfs × Sweet Cream Blue

Fantasy Smurfs × Sweet Cream Blue

The eye-catching cream blue eyebrows seem to make the dream world of spring gradually clear, reminiscent of a refreshing and delicious ice cream flavor.

a sweet cream blue on the eyelids,

Let this spring be colorful!

How to Make

How to Make

1. Nude color eyeshadow enhances eye squat

Gently smudge with a nude eye shadow with pearlescent color, just a little color to enhance the eye makeup gloss.

2. Cream blue eyeshadow starts from the middle

Use the blue eye shadow to outline the upper eyeliner, and draw carefully from the middle of the eyeliner to the end of the eye.

3. At the end of the eye, pick and create charm

Gently pick up at the end of the eye, and think of a natural upward upward arc, creating a fascinating eye-tail feeling.

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