Cocaine must-have beginner's make-up items

A woman can not make up, but she can't make up. When you go to an interview, a show, or a date, a little light makeup can greatly enhance your look and make a good impression! Today, Xiaobian introduces some makeup products suitable for makeup beginners.

Make-up items for beginners

Make-up items for beginners

First, before makeup / isolation cream

Benefit Pui Ling Fei anti-hole elite face cream

Recommended reason: suitable for any skin color, to solve the skin problems of most people "large pores" and "over the oil", make the makeup last longer.

And wind flower series foam isolated makeup liquid

Make-up items for beginners

And the wind flower series foam isolation makeup liquid の の 藤 SPF30PA+++ beige

Recommended reason: The unique texture of the foam increases the fun of the makeup process. ^^ Easy to apply, the makeup is light and comfortable.

Tips: Use a sponge to make the effect better and clearer.

Use a sponge to make the effect better and clearer

Make-up items for beginners

Second, foundation

MAKEUPFOREVER Clear and Seamless Liquid Foundation

Recommended reason: The oil-free formula feels clear, almost does not burden the skin, and at the same time has the effect of concealing. Good ductility, whether applied by hand or with a sponge or foundation brush, can create a uniform and natural effect.

Tips: Do not use a sponge that is too absorbent: a small amount of high-definition, non-marking liquid foundation is sufficient to evenly cover and condition the entire face.

BOBBIBROWN Instant Recovery

Make-up items for beginners

BOBBIBROWN Instant Recovery Cream SPF35PA+++

Recommended reason: The first gray-free BB cream is suitable for Asian skin. The perfect combination of moderate hiding power and moisturizing, it can ensure a good natural makeup effect without makeup.

Tips: After pushing open, tap and press with your hand to make it more docile. Xiaobian personally believes that the application by hand or foundation brush is better than the effect of using a sponge.

Bobbibrown flowing eyeliner

Make-up items for beginners

Third, the eyeliner

Bobbibrown flowing eyeliner

Recommended reason: (with eyeliner brush) texture is smooth, eyeliner brush is easy to operate. You can draw different eyeliners according to your own preferences and needs. Not easy to smudge.


Make-up items for beginners

Fourth, mascara

BENEFIT Pui Ling 妃 真 假 false mascara

Recommended reason: the delicate brush head and eyelashes will not be "ignored". The right concentration makes it easy to brush out the thick, long-lasting effect without the “flying legs”. It is not easy to smudge, and it can be easily removed with warm water.

Eye shadow

Make-up items for beginners

Five, eye shadow

Shiseido Silky Smooth Eyeshadow Group BR209

There is no special recommendation for eye shadow, as long as it is earth color, it is OK! Bright colors such as blue, pink, and purple, which are slightly misplaced, can make the eyes look puffy and counterproductive. The conservative earth color is ideal for beginners to create natural nude makeup.

Benefit Pui Ling 妃 dandelion powder

Make-up items for beginners

Six, blush

Benefit Pui Ling 妃 dandelion powder

Recommended reason: light color, can be applied to the entire face to fix makeup, or as a blush repeatedly applied to the smiling muscles to create a sweet makeup effect. The fresh pink color prevents beginners from applying too much blush.

Tips: For setting makeup, use the attached powder to pick up the powder and apply it evenly on the face once, avoiding uneven skin color or redness caused by repeated use.

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