Zhu Changling pointed out that furniture needs to be calm and steady.

The No. 12 document issued by the Central Committee earlier proposed to support the economic development of Guizhou. With the recommendation meeting of the Liupanshui Southwest International Home Expo City, I will explain to you the current situation facing the furniture industry in 2012:

1. Report on the previous year

In 2011, the first to maintain a rapid increase in that, the first year of the year, achieved good results, with December statistics, 4125 above the scale, the total industrial output value of 519.5 billion, an increase of 25.28% over the same period of last year, January and December The export of furniture was US$38.8 billion, an increase of 15.31% over the same period of the previous year. At the same time, the investment in the furniture industry maintained a high growth, which laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the furniture industry. In the first 11 months, the enterprises above designated size realized a profit of 23.825 billion yuan. The year-on-year growth was 31.62%. Overall, the furniture industry's profits are still growing.

2. The industry is constantly developing


China has become a major country in the world of furniture production. In order to realize the transformation of Chinese furniture from large to strong, the furniture industry has begun to transform and upgrade. From the low-cost competitive advantage to the improvement of product technology content and added value, the continuous improvement and innovation represented by industrial clusters and key enterprises have promoted the overall improvement of the furniture industry.

3. The industry chain is more perfect

The number of industrial cluster bases has increased, and the number of industrial cluster bases has reached 22. After continuous efforts, the level of product design and R&D in China's furniture industry has been greatly improved, brand influence and international competitiveness are also constantly enhanced, the industry mechanism is more perfect, and environmental protection is more important. And sustainable development.

4. Brand business growth

At present, a number of enterprises with high product quality and R&D design level have emerged. The quality of products has been continuously improved, the competitiveness of the industry has been continuously enhanced, the equipment management is advanced, the production capacity is strong, the production scale is large, and the quality-guaranteed brand enterprises are constantly emerging. Come out, thereby improving the competitiveness and international influence of the entire industry, and laying the foundation for China's furniture manufacturing and exporting countries.

5. The scale of furniture exhibition

The scale of the furniture exhibition is prominent. In 2011, the National Furniture Fair was in good condition. A number of furniture exhibitions including Shanghai International Furniture Fair, Guangdong International Furniture Fair, Dongguan Furniture Fair, Shenzhen Furniture Fair and Chengdu Furniture Fair have emerged, with a total exhibition area of ​​over 3 million. Pingmi, the holding of various precision furniture exhibitions, has added more opportunities and platforms for the company. The Chinese furniture industry and the furniture exhibition have grown together, prospered together, and displayed the original design to the world friendlyly. Chinese furniture market.

6. The scale of standardization has been strengthened

With the support of relevant state departments, the work of the National Furniture Standardization Technical Committee has progressed smoothly. The relevant departments have formulated funds and implemented them, which has greatly improved the quality, safety, hygiene and environmental protection of furniture products. This year, I participated in some activities of the ISO of the World Organization for Standardization. I also continued to participate in the standard organization activities this year.

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E. Outer cover: Soft Covering PVC

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d.Environmental protection
e.Uneasy to lose shape

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