Wooden furniture must meet the environmental health and safety standards and strictly control the four customs

Wooden furniture must comply with environmental health and safety standards

At present, the inspection and quarantine category for exporting wood products and wooden furniture is P/Q, and the focus of inspection product supervision is still concentrated on traditional quarantine projects (pests, prohibited entry, live insects, soil, seeds, etc.). It has not been transferred to safety, health and environmental protection projects that focus on commodity inspection and supervision. The control of safety, health and environmental protection projects is only reflected in the daily supervision and annual review of enterprises. It can be seen that as the first person to be responsible for quality, enterprises need to establish a management system that is self-checking and effectively guaranteeing product quality.

In order to strengthen the management of wood products, wood furniture safety, sanitation and environmental protection projects, and actively respond to the international and domestic market standards and requirements for the increasing quality of wood products and wood furniture products, relevant enterprises must combine the relevant national and regional wood products, The technical regulations and standards for furniture products such as formaldehyde, heavy metals, and flame retardants, and the "Import and Export Furniture Inspection Regulations" and the requirements of the importing country's standards and technical specifications for all safety, health and environmental protection projects involved in exporting wooden furniture. Institutionalized management, and pay attention to the following aspects in daily work:

Ensure standards are collected in a timely manner

In recent years, developed countries often change technical standards to make the export of products of related enterprises in a passive position. Therefore, as wood products and wood furniture export enterprises, it is necessary to collect the latest standards in time. It is necessary to determine the department (Ministry of Trade or Quality Control Department) that collects the standards, and adopt a flexible collection method (through customers, the Internet, official websites, etc.) to establish files and update the standards in time to ensure that the exported products meet the requirements of the importing country.

Ensure that training is in place

Training is an important means of updating knowledge and improving the quality of employees' business. Enterprises need to effectively operate the ISO9000 quality system and plan for personnel training at the end of each year or at the beginning of the year. Wood products and wood furniture export enterprises should incorporate the study of safety standards and technical specifications into the training plan, so that relevant personnel, especially procurement personnel and quality inspection personnel, can keep up to date with the latest requirements and basic judgment methods, so as to improve the quality of employees. safety consciousness.

Make good purchases

Enterprises should incorporate safety, health and environmental protection requirements into the supplier evaluation selection system in conjunction with the procurement control link.

Specific practices: First, priority should be given to regulated enterprises with relevant certifications, such as ISO9000 and ISO14000 certification; second, select some international and domestic famous brands; third, for enterprises without relevant certification, require procurement personnel to conduct field visits and request The supplier provides a qualified third party test report.

Put a good inspection

It is necessary to establish an effective quality inspection system to ensure that the quality department and the business department conduct risk analysis on the toxic and hazardous substances that may be involved in the order raw materials. For example, all non-solid wood products and wood furniture must be tested for formaldehyde emission; products involving soft furniture should be tested for fire retardant; for paints, heavy metal should be tested.

And in the inspection process to achieve the following points: First, understand the analysis of the individual contract laws and regulations of the importing country and the testing items and standards in the trade contract, the contract signing department should require the signatory to indicate the requirements of the security project; Representative samples are sent to qualified laboratories for testing; the third is to firmly control the finished products that do not meet the requirements.

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