How to choose the correct printing

Correct selection of the foil material is also crucial, depending on the specific conditions of the substrate. Table-coated and non-coated substrates have different requirements for hot stamp foils. Some hot stamp foils are made specifically for substrates with surface coatings or surface printing layers. Some stamping foils are specially used for stamping other textures.

Some prints require the foil to be printed first, and some prints must be foiled and then printed. Whether the pre-press foil or the post-print foil, it must be ensured that the surface of the printed part to be foiled must not contain any type of waxy or oily trace, and it requires a pressure of 38 dyne or more. Prior to foil stamping, the coating and printing ink on the surface of the substrate must be completely thoroughly dried before the foil can be stamped. In addition, there are various types of surface coatings or inks on the substrate. When foil stamping is performed on a specific coating or a specific printing ink, a matching foil stamping material must be selected. The characteristics of the layer or printing ink, specially formulated to customize the corresponding stamping foil, only in this way can guarantee the foil stamping quality. To this end, it is recommended that prior to the implementation of foil stamping, it is necessary to discuss with the coating supplier, the ink supplier and the stamping foil supplier to jointly implement the best matching scheme among the three in order to avoid mismatches due to material properties. The resulting quality problems.

In the correct choice of suitable stamping foil material, the implementation of the hot stamping process and the design of the cartons are also two factors that should be considered and very important. If you implement a large area of ​​hot stamping, you can use more easily peeling foil foil material; if you want to hot stamping a small area, that is, hot stamping of the graphic thin, such as hot stamping text or lines, must use texture Solid and non-peelable stamping foil.

When selecting a stamping foil, flat foil stamping differs from foil used in rotary stamping. The formulation and production of stamping foils are strictly targeted. According to the difference between the hot stamping process and the processing methods, there are strict differences in the foil materials used. In addition, during the hot stamping process, accurate calculation and determination of the correct time to maintain the maximum thermal pressure is very important. Different hot stamping processes and processing methods need to maintain the maximum hot-pressing time is very different. In the high-speed hot stamping processing conditions, the hot press time of the flat plate hot stamping is obviously longer than that of the hot press time of the rotary hot stamping. Therefore foil materials used for rotary stamping should have easier or faster demolding properties than foil materials used for flat plate stamping. It is important to properly select the right stamping foil material according to the different hot stamping speeds.

In short, we must strictly monitor the entire process of foil hot stamping, process high quality stamping products that fully meet the requirements of users, so as to win the trust of your users and establish the status of your stamping experts in the hearts of users, so as to avoid Users question the quality of your stampings and cause you to make unnecessary financial losses. It is also beneficial to strengthen the good relationship you maintain with your customers.

Whenever possible, you must choose and determine the type and quality of the stamping foil material you use. In the field of high-grade carton packaging foil hot stamping, if you are the user's most convinced expert, you must strictly control the entire process of quality selection and strict processing technology and quality control. Allowing others to choose and determine the stamping foil material will reduce your choice, delay production and seriously affect the quality of the final product.

Your supplier of foil material may be your best source of information and the best staff for choosing and determining the foil you need. If possible and time permitting, it is best to provide your stamping foil material supplier with a sample of the substrate you are going to stamp on, so that they can provide you with the best matching foil stamping foil material.

Take the time to study and understand the fundamentals of hot stamping technology and hot stamping process, analyze and eliminate the drawbacks of hot stamping process, and then select the most appropriate foil material on the basis of this to be successful in the hot stamping process. , Produce perfect products with excellent quality and beautiful designs.

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