Home Feng Shui knowledge teaches you how to make money in the bathroom layout

In addition to the east and southeast, several other directions are not suitable for the bathroom, and should not be located in the center of the house. However, the position of most home bathrooms is fixed and difficult to move. In this case, items can be used to resolve the negative effects. Because of the Tuoke water, the northeast and southwest are the most unacceptable sanitary locations, which are very unfavorable for wealth and health. If you can't change the position, it is best to move the toilet, not in the two directions in the room.

You can put a white pottery bowl of sea salt in the northeast or southwest of the room, or put a heavy iron sculpture to dispel the gold and water. The bathroom in the north of the room will cause water to flood and consume energy. Money; while Zhengnan’s bathroom leads to a lack of passion and is easy to get involved in legal proceedings. It can grow tall plants to consume water energy, and it can absorb moisture and produce fresh oxygen. In the west and northwestern sanitary wares, gold can be depleted by water due to gold and raw water, which will eventually lead to the consumption and loss of money. Plant white flowers to build golden gas, or prepare white flowers in the room, place round silver pots or metal sculptures.

The ideal location for the bathroom should be the side of the home, preferably east and southeast. Because these two orientations are all wood, water can produce wood, and the water vapor in the bathroom can produce the five elements of wood in the east and southeast. At the same time, these two orientations are usually the sunny part of the house, helping to keep the room dry.

However, it should be noted that since the toilet flushing and bathing water drainage are downward activities and are opposite to the upward growth of the wood, it is possible to plant tall plants in the bathroom, or to lay wooden floors with fresh green towels and Mat to increase the upward wood energy.

The best pattern: the shape is square, should not be small

Water is the main element in the bathroom, and a juicy room is definitely damp than other rooms, which can result in heavy airflow. Therefore, the bathroom must be kept dry, pay attention to dehumidification, ventilation, it is best to open a high window, so that the sun is full, air circulation. If it is sealed and poorly ventilated, it is not good for the family.

If there is no window in the bathroom, be sure to install an exhaust fan to remove the exhaust. If there is enough space, the bathroom should not be small, in order to avoid the condensation of moisture and cause the gas to stagnate and gather, thus damaging wealth and health. In addition, the shape of the bathroom should be square, avoid triangles, arcs and deformities.

Only the necessary supplies should be placed in the bathroom. It is not suitable for stacking too many sundries. This not only makes the bathroom environment appear more chaotic, but also hides the dirt and affects the health of the owner.

Long-term accumulation of water in the bathroom will affect the owner's wealth. If the water flows into the bedroom, it will further damage the health of the owner. The bathroom in the suite is most prone to such problems: the floor design of the bathroom is higher than the bedroom, and the water is low. The flow is a run-down, flowing into the bedroom, long-term sleep in such a haze, the most prone to endocrine system diseases.

So no matter which orientation the bathroom is in, or what kind of layout, it should be dry and ventilated, drained properly and kept clean at all times.

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